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This is one of the first autosurfs, having started in 2006. It doesn't have some modern features, such as geotargeting, referer control, bounce reduction or variable visit duration. On the other hand, it runs in any browser and will simply and reliably deliver hits. There is a restriction to surfing only 20 hours per day. Also, you must log in to your account to run the surfbar.

There are a number of bonus pages and games. You can watch for these as the pages go by and have a little fun. You can include 3 recommended links in your profile, and on the leaderboard these links are displayed.

NoClickSurf has been serving the autosurf community for nearly 2 decades. It may be simple, but the longevity indicates the value it has provided.

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Surf Without Login NOT POSSIBLE
Site Approval MANUAL
Hourly Hits 150
Surf Timer (seconds) 12

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