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Twistrix is an old standby, from 2007. It is a straightforward in-browser autosurf, with no installation of programs or extensions. It does require a login to run the surfbar. Autosurf credits earned can be spent on text ads which appear on the surfbar in addition to page views, with a single credit worth 15 text ad impressions.

It also has free tracker and rotator services built in. You can use the tracker to see how many hits your links are getting, on Twistrix or elsewhere. By use of the rotator, you can have many sites appear at one link.

Due to its many years of service, Twistrix has a well aged domain and attracts many new signups each day. This makes Twistrix ideal for bringing many fresh eyes to your ads or messages.

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Surf Without Login NOT POSSIBLE
Site Approval AUTOMATIC
Hourly Hits 200
Surf Timer (seconds) 15

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